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  • 2019 CONNECTUS Job Marketing Insight - Consumer
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    Consumer-FMCG (Linlin)


    Throughout 2018, the fast-moving consumer goods market has been sluggish. Most foreign-funded top 500 enterprises in China are cutting costs and downsizing operations. The market is adjusting and transforming, while the average salary increases.


    Customers increasingly desire product innovations and imported products. Products are constantly being designed and innovated with the goal of creating “healthy, environmentally-friendly and customized” products. Cosmetics, pets and healthcare products are three popular markets whose product categories are becoming more diversified.


    As the e-commerce industry develops, new e-commerce platforms constantly emerge. Several mature platforms have built new retail models which integrate online and offline channels, where more jobs will be created.


    Consumer-Luxury & Retail (Jackey Sun)

    奢侈品行业自2016年下半年起,从低迷状态中逐渐复苏,整体向好的势头一直持续到2018年,全球奢侈品行业正迎来又一个春天,很大程度上得益于中国消费者重新高涨的奢侈品消费热情,当然,也归功于奢侈品企业奋起跟上时代步伐,积极求新求变。这就要求品牌商从两个方面思考新的策略: 在国内市场,要逐渐抛弃“销售推动”模式,与客户建立长久关系;在海外市场,则应精心谋划,使海外店铺成为富裕人群出境游的“必达站”。

    Since the second half of 2016, the luxury goods market has been recovering. In 2018, Chinese customers’ interest in luxury goods and innovations made by luxury manufacturers have both contributed to the continual growth of the luxury market. In the Chinese market, luxury brands should gradually abandon the “sales-driven” model and build long-term relationships with their customers. In the overseas market, brands should think of ways to attract wealthy tourists to their stores.


    Last year, luxury brands spent 40-50% of their total expenditures on digital marketing, compared to 35% in previous years. Expenditure on WeChat marketing accounts for 30-60% of the total digital marketing expenditure. The world’s top 40 luxury brands have created official WeChat public accounts, with 300,000 to 500,000 followers.