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    在经济下行时期,传统咨询行业面临来自经济大环境以及行业变革的双重挑战。在经济方面,来自主要客户群体的需求锐减;在行业方面,大数据人工智能也对传统咨询行业造成强烈的冲击。 这对招聘及留才的直接影响是越来越多优秀顾问跳槽去甲方,互联网、金融行业也抢夺了相当部分优秀应届毕业生资源。

    During economic slowdowns, traditional consultancies are faced with two challenges. On one hand, main customer groups have smaller needs; on the other hand, big data and AI technologies significantly affect the industry. An increasing number of outstanding consultants have left their former employers to work in client companies. Additionally, many recent graduates choose to work in the internet and finance industries.

    在咨询的各业务线中,战略咨询,财务咨询,以及信息技术咨询的高级经理至总监级别仍是热招职位,需求主要来自北上深。同时具有企业及咨询公司背景的候选人更具竞争优势。作为金字塔尖上的战略咨询模块,即使是MBB以外的Tier 2的咨询公司,也对候选人的硬实力如名校背景工作经历等有越来越高的要求。

    There are still numerous job vacancies for senior managers and directors in strategic consulting, financial consulting and IT consulting. Most job vacancies are with consultancies in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Candidates with relevant working experience in corporate and strategy consulting are preferred. For top strategy consulting jobs, MBB and even tier 2 consultancies are requesting higher qualifications, such as education from top universities and strong work experiences.