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  • 2019 CONNECTUS Job Marketing Insight - Banking & Financial Services
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    In 2018, against the backdrop of “deleveraging” and the “trade war”, the financial sector has undergone another round of adjustments and upgrades. The regulatory authorities have relaxed restrictions on foreign investments holding shares in financial institutions. Large banks have focused on developing financial management services and regulations in addition to strengthening internal supervision. Liquidity pressures also challenge a small portion of banks. In the internet finance industry, good companies win and the bad companies lose.


    The outlook in the traditional non-banking financial sector, influenced by the Sino-US trade war and tightening regulations, remains bleak. The securities business has shrunk, and several organizations have downsized their operations. There have been fewer PE/VC investments compared to previous years causing lower rates of employee turnover. Tighter regulations have been imposed on insurance and asset management services. Overall, the active investment industry faces a huge downward pressure.


    Though the blockchain industry has encountered a bottleneck period, the fintech industry still has huge potential for growth, with BATJ (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and JD) and world-famous PE/VC institutions actively engaging themselves in China’s fintech market. Technology is imperceptibly influencing the traditional finance industry and bringing about fundamental changes to the niche market.


    Most finance professionals work in China’s financial centers, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. However, an increasing number of banks and securities dealers have established branches in second tier and third tier cities where economies are experiencing rapid growth.


    The hottest jobs are those related to sales, product design and development and risk control. Big data and strategy jobs are the fastest growing jobs in the past two years, accompanying overall improvements in the finance industry.