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    2018新零售方兴未艾,如果说阿里巴巴的马老师是新零售的创立者,那么天猫就是新零售的践行者, 天猫已经在整个新零售行业占据先入者优势,成为整个新零售行业的领头羊,从行业来看, 天猫新零售已经不是在某一个领域或业态的突破,而是全行业全生态的覆盖,从服饰百货、家装数码、百货商超到到快销母婴、汽车以及奢侈品,各行各业都在发生着惊人的变化。

    In 2018, new retail was still growing. If we say that Jack Ma from Alibaba is the founder of new retail, then Tmall is among the first platforms to implement this business model. Currently, Tmall enjoys the benefits of being a pioneer and is already the leader in the new retail industry. In reality, Tmall has changed the entire industry rather than just a particular field. There have been surprising changes in fields like clothing, general merchandise, home decoration, digital products, fast-moving consumer goods, maternal and infant products, automobiles and luxury goods.

    在即将到来的2019年,制造行业的变化将会是天翻地覆, 新制造将赋能各个传统行业,在技术变革的大趋势下,依靠传统的资源消耗型企业生存必定越来越难,挑战也会越来越大,未来成功的制造业一定是用好互联网,一定是IoT,一定是云计算、大数据的新型制造业企业,新制造将会重新定义制造业,新制造业将会重新定义客户市场,重新定义供应链,重新定义所有的制造和商业的运营和服务,它是一场技术的革命。

    The manufacturing industry will face radical changes in 2019 due to new manufacturing. Companies that rely on traditional resources are having a difficult time adjusting to the recent technological reforms. With IoT, cloud computing and big data, new manufacturing is going to redefine the manufacturing industry, bringing changes to the market, supply chain as well as to all operations and services in the industry. It is a technological revolution.