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  • 2019 CONNECTUS Job Marketing Insight - Accounting&Finance
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    Traditional foreign enterprises in China have seen many spin-offs and mergers, especially in the manufacturing, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. For those working in these industries, stable jobs and generous salaries are quickly becoming stories of the past. Local enterprises, however, are growing fast, and they have a huge demand for talent. Accordingly, a growing number of applicants in the accounting and finance industries are more than willing to find employment with local enterprises.


    Traditional manufacturing companies are moving their plants and operational centers to China’s central and western regions. For example, numerous automotive manufacturers have relocated from first or second tier cities to third or fourth tier cities. This means that medium and highly skilled talents are needed locally to make up for the talent loss.


    In industries like fast-moving consumer goods, retail, catering, and medical services, companies need talent for strategic planning and big data analysis. In addition, companies are placing higher demands on candidates when evaluating them.