Using Excellent Service to Help Customers Embark on An Intelligent and Effective Development Journey

Faced with a huge training market, one in which various training products and services continuously emerge, training companies who provide corporate and professional training are overwhelmed. These companies struggle with how to provide the best service to their clients, while keeping opportunity costs low.

Training Gateway was created to solve this problem. This platform provides a one-stop shop for companies to solve challenges in personal growth and corporate development in the most efficient manner.

Since its establishment, Training Gateway has used custom-designed strategies to assist some of the world’s top 500 companies, as well as other well-known enterprises in China, to address business challenges in China. Impressed by the platform’s customer-centric culture, customers of Training Gateway enjoy reliable and quality service.

Our Services

  • Talent Assessment
    Our talent assessment service is dedicated to help companies overcome the challenges in the management of talents. By improving organizational development and talent management, the overall competencies of the people are enhanced, subsequently supporting the growth of the company.
  • In-house Training
    The goals of training vary according to the different needs of the company. We provide tailor-made in-house training for enterprises not only from the content of the course, but also from case studies, the format of teaching, and auxiliary materials.
  • Open Course
    We offer open courses for clients who need the flexibility send a small number of participants.We are constantly improving the open course products to meet the changing needs of our customers.
  • Experience Salon
    we regularly offer a number of salons with different themes every month, so that customers can experience and be familiar with the various courses and instructors of the Training Gateway brand, prepare for future open courses, or customize In-house training.
  • Consulting Project
    We can provide customized consultancy for customers who need to quickly adopt some solutions to help the company develop. It covers corporate culture, strategic management, setting key performance indicators, performance management, training system construction, internal trainer training, project ma

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